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San Diego Feeling Good 2015: Keys To The Kingdom

Registration is Open

Registration and Pre-orders of memorabilia are now open. Register Now! Or see more details on the Registration page.

SDFG Returns to the Marriott

Once again the San Diego Marriott Mission Valley will be the location for Feeling Good 2015. Special room rates. Details to follow.

Service Positions Available

Feeling Good Needs Your Help! Several committee co-chair positions are open. Join us at the general committee meeting at: Twiggs Coffeehouse in the green room: 4590 Park Blvd. We meet the first Monday of the month at 7:00pm. Questions? Contact us.

SDFG Banner @ the Marriott (img, Suzy Koenigs)

Join the SDFG Committee

As of Feb. 2015 open committee co-chair positions:

  • Arts & Decorartions (female)
  • Fundraising (female, male)
  • Literature (female)
  • Memorabilia (female, male)
  • Prizes (female)
  • Program (female)
  • Promotions (female)
  • Registration (female)

Committee Job Responsibilities

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